Wednesday, 11 March 2009

About "My Music"

Another addition to my blog universe: I decided that I should get my music out again. Since 1993 I have created MIDI files from orchestral music scores. I had a site on the old MP3.COM, had "founded" the "Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra". Due to some negligence on my part, the maintenance of this repertoire has been very bad, and right now I do not yet have one repository for the music recording which I have created in the past 15 years.

But that is going to change: recently I have created two new "renditions", that is recordings using the MIDI format, and I have posted them onto YouTube. Will report about it here in this blog.

And, I plan to make a repository of my music files, linked to my web site. Will be together with the publications repository that I am working on for the Centre of Creative Technology. This will also have the opportunity to store music made by my colleagues.

Stay tuned - I will provide updates on this blog about all my music-related activities.