Friday, 22 January 2010

Building a New PC for Music - Part 6: Finalising System

After a few weeks rest I found the time to finalise the installation. Got all necessary 64-bit drivers from the ASUS website, for the motherboard and the XONAR sound card. There was also a driver for the RAID array: this driver allowed me to reset the RAID array error message. However, one in a while this error still occurred out of the blue. I have a suspicion that it is linked to the online networking... it appeared once when I started Windows Internet Explorer, and a subsequent scan revealed that there were file errors in one of the IE tmp directories. Consequently I disabled the WIFI and ran the PC in stand-alone mode - have yet to see this error occuring again.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Building a New PC for Music - Part 5: First Problems

A serious problem occurred: the PC suddenly rebooted, without any obvious reason. During startup, the RAID array status description text indicated that there was a problem with one of the disks: an error had occurred. No description about this error, no logging, no debugging. The PC ran fine, but even after several reboots but the error message remained. No idea on how to fix this... I am now very hesitant to install anything else, because the system might completely be wiped out some day...