Friday, 18 May 2012

Mahler: "Resurrection", 1st Movement

Today, 18.May 2012, is the 101st anniversary of Gustav Mahler's death. Just in time for this commemoration I was able to complete my rendition of the first movement of Symphony #2. This has been my most ambitious project so far: it requires 66 independent instrument tracks in the sequencer, and it almost brings my audio system to its knees, with an occasional glitch in the audio engine. But the recording could be created ok.

The image to the left is a painting by artist Paula Arciniega. She has created a whole series of paintings, inspired by Mahler's symphonies, and I find that these express his music very well. The one shown here is the painting which relates to Symphony #2.

My recording if the first movement is on my website, but for direct access it can be also played through the player below. I plan to continue working on this symphony, but it will take a while until I have it completed.

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